A word about my favorite seed sources:


There are as many seed companies as there are condiment options in the grocery aisle, and similarly, seed companies become a deeply personal choice. We identify with them. They sustain us. They get us. They literally nourish us. I am no exception, falling into committed relationships with my seed sources. I save a minimal amount of seed, and I'll admit, I thoroughly enjoy the process of flipping through catalogues and ogling gorgeous veggie photo shoots, especially during the long, cold winter months here in Minnesota. And, going on a seed shopping spree always feels like the best gift of the year. 

That being said, I have grown to love some companies more than others, while not necessarily loving others less. If this notion resonates with you, well, that brings a smile to my face. There is always room in my budget to support new, small, and ambitious seed companies.

Perennial Fruits (fruit trees and shrubs):


Prairie and Native Shrubs:

Vegetable and Flower Seed Companies:




Gardening Books:





  • The Four Season Harvest and The New Organic Grower by Eliot Coleman
  • Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades and The Intelligent Gardener by Steve Solomon
  • This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader by Joan Gussow
  • The Soul of Soil by Joseph Smillie
  • Anything that catches your eye from Chelsea Green Publishing